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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. It’s a heroic time! In these roles, a complete fighting game, test their skills and respond through a single-style fighting puzzle! Listen to Ben Tenison and its effects against foreign power that threaten galaxies!


Free your favorite countryside from the foreign TV series Ben 10 in the end. As Ben Tenison, you have to update and use different forms of foreign troops to prevent each galaxy from egregor and other villains. Fight enemies, collect new alien DNA, release a new strange shape and improve your strength! Always remove the gentlemen, CharmCaster, and even some of your enemy’s maximum secrets. This journey takes you to the ends of the galaxy, which gives you the opportunity to discover a new strange shape and power.

  • New Combat System –

The game uses a new mechanism based on a mind puzzle, you can use the time to choose what you want, and the system labeling equipment that your opponent along with another alien is allowed.

Amnesty International opponents will broadcast their actions when the battle begins, and will even mingle through them to change their partners. Pay attention to the work of the opponent, pay attention to what work to use, and select the timing of skilful and decisive movements to win a marked battle.

  • Multiplayer game! – –

Open the whole story or just a quick fight. Use of unlocked spacecraft and challenge AI in Arcade Mode. Finally, try your patience in a special moment of heroic survival.

You win all the battles that can bring us to become the strongest aliens! It’s a heroic time!


Intelligent and smart control system

  • Unique and intuitive puzzle devices to increase the challenge in the game
  • Updating foreign models and using the latest energy
  • Nine different alien forms play genomes, eventually Humungousaur, CPA, Ampfibian, NRG, Armodrillo, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Big Chill, and Ultimate Cannonbolt.
  • Ben from his home until the end of the eight stages of the galaxy
  • Incredibly enjoyable endless game!
  • vs 15 different enemies, including Charmcaster’s Ever Knights, Aggrebots (egregor robot disciples), Ultimate Egregor, Kevin Levine (Ultimate Kevin) and Charmcaster Stone Creatures etc!
  • One of the most important games of some lists of 10 characters
  • Use a new tag – the team will be linked with your favorite aliens!

Battle against the battle method

  • Try your skills and patience to survive heroic at the end of time.

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